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Connect to the Elements Workshop Series - Outdoor

With Simona Schimanovich

Join Simona for a series of workshops outside in nature to connect to the five elements.

Pancha Maha Bhutas – the Five Great Elements – are central in understanding both Yoga and Ayurveda. All of life and everything in the physical world is said to arise from these five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

In this series of four workshops, we will practice in nature to fully connect with each element, learn about its qualities and reflect on our personal relationship to it. This will give you a deeper understanding of your Yoga practice and how you can work with each element intelligently to create more balance.


Prithvi – Earth is the element connected to the physical world and our body. It represents our foundation, stability and roots. Strengthening our connection to it helps us to feel more solid and grounded in our life.

Jala – Water allows us to move in a more fluid way and go with the flow. When we ripple in all directions like water we discover new perspectives and possibilities. This is medicine when we feel stuck so we can reawaken the flow of our creativity.

Agni – Fire is the element of transformation. It helps us to purify, release toxins and shift from one state to another. It is dynamic, focussed and invigorating and helps us to fully empower ourselves.

Vayu – Air is light, fast and mutable connecting everything around us. As it streams in all directions it circulates and keeps everything in motion. It represents our connectedness and openness in life.

Akasha – Ether is the most subtle of the elements. It represents the space that pervades everything, the container that holds all the other elements. It is the space around all physical particles. The silence between the words. The field in which vibration travels.


In this series, Simona will guide you through a Meditation and a creative Vinyasa Flow practice with mudras as we explore the energy of each element and embody its essence.


10 June  – Earth
17 June – Water: Due to rainy weather forecast this session is postponed to 24 June!
1 July – Fire
8 July – Air, Ether

Bring your own mat, journal and a pen. The sessions will be moved to the following week in case of bad weather. We'll meet on the nice green fields in front of Orteliuskade 18.

Date / Time




08 July 2020, 17:00 - 19:00


Simona Schimanovich

€ 25



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About Simona Schimanovich

Simona takes people on powerful journeys guiding them into a deeper connection with themselves and to live more fully from the heart. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a powerful practice for healing and growth. She loves the richness and expression of Vinyasa Flow and teaches vibrant, soulful classes with creative sequencing. Her teaching is inspired by the elements and cycles of nature.

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