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Conscious Breathing Circle

With Nanneke Landman, Rolandjan van Mulligen & Sjoerd Dragtsma

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In this workshop, we will come together to explore the possibilities of a breathing technique called Circular Breathing. During this technique, we remove the pauses between the in- and exhalation and the ex- and inhalation. Our breathing then becomes circular, without any intermissions. Both the in- and out-breath are done through the mouth. The inhalation is full and deep, the exhalation is completely relaxed.  


Circular breathing is a therapeutic technique, that allows you to enter into a process where that which is unconscious in you may come into the light - to be seen and reviewed. It enables you to be both the experiencer as the observer simultaneously. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved tensions or issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy, and feeling spacious in body and mind. 


Circular breathing is a soft and gentle technique, and can, therefore, be done for a longer period of time, ranging from half an hour to an hour. During this monthly reoccurring workshop we will start with some gentle movement and pranayama to warm up and relax the body and mind. After which we will join in a circle for a longer breathing session, which is done lying on the back. Rolandjan, Sjoerd and Nanneke will walk around to guide you and use pressure points to allow for the breath to become fuller and deeper. 


A note on wellbeing 
Please note that this breathing practice is not advisable for people with epilepsy or psychiatric history, or people currently undergoing treatment with psychiatric drugs or therapy. The intensity of the practices may release blockages in the body that can trigger intense sensations and emotions and shake up your being. Pregnant women are welcome and will be given modified instructions. Please do inform the teachers about your pregnancy, even (or especially) while in the first trimester. 


Also, please make sure to come on an empty stomach!


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About Nanneke Landman, Rolandjan van Mulligen & Sjoerd Dragtsma

About Nanneke Growing up in South Africa, Nanneke was inspired by African Dance which eluded an interest in physical movement early on. Curious about the deeper essence of life, she found that studying yogic philosophy and Buddhism were the only things that truly made sense to her.

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