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Conscious Connecting - Online

With Simona Schimanovich

Invite more love, truth, and authenticity into your relationships


Join Simona for this inspiring workshop as we explore how we can invite more love, truth, and authenticity into the relationships in our lives. We will come together to share and connect, so we can feel more supported, empowered and connected to our community.


Simona will guide you through powerful practices and techniques that will empower you to communicate more clearly and consciously and connect in deeper ways. We will learn about the principles of authentic relating and dive into beautiful practices to help us open up, listen and become more vulnerable and authentic. 


With movement and nourishing practices, we will then open up to feel more connected, joyful and expansive so we can receive deeper intimacy and love in our lives.


Online format

In the online format, the teacher will guide you through the online application ‘Zoom’. Zoom is a live streaming platform with many interactive features - it provides a shared space for students, teachers, and assistants. Delight Yoga has been using Zoom to organise live-streamed classes, workshops, and training days and we have had very positive experiences with it. 


Zoom allows you to participate in the training from home, but you can ask questions and connect with teachers and other students as if you were in the same physical location. 


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Date / Time




30 May 2020, 16:00 - 18:00


Simona Schimanovich

€ 25



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Cancellation policy

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About Simona Schimanovich

Simona takes people on powerful journeys guiding them into a deeper connection with themselves and to live more fully from the heart. She is passionate about sharing yoga as a powerful practice for healing and growth. She loves the richness and expression of Vinyasa Flow and teaches vibrant, soulful classes with creative sequencing. Her teaching is inspired by the elements and cycles of nature.

A note on Wellbeing - Creating a safe and sacred space

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