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Contemplative Psychotherapy


In the synergy field of wisdom practices and western psychology arises contemplative psychotherapy, where practices of self-care and compassion is in the forefront as preventive and recovery tools. In these two workshops you'll learn health promoting practices for integrated health and a beautiful life!


"We all have a fundamental calling to be healed and to awaken to the deepest reality of interconnectivity for the benefit of others. The journey may be different for each of us, but the destination is the same." - Dr. Miles Neale


Radical Freedom: The Art and Science of Self-Care
Session 1 (10-1 pm)
Ancient wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Yoga have long taught a deep psychology of radical freedom, which allows us to tap inner resources to effectively face the challenges of an ever-changing world. Along with this wisdom comes a number of meditative practices including movement, breath-work, mindfulness and lifestyle recommendations that when combined together offer a comprehensive system of inner transformation. Join Kristin and Miles for an immersion into the complete system of radical freedom based on the art and science of self-care.
~ Four Noble Truths
~ Mindfulness Meditation
~ Breathing & Movement

Radical Altruism: The Art and Science of Compassion
Session 2 (2-5 pm)
For centuries Tibet’s wisdom tradition developed a sophisticated science of radical altruism, which allows us to tap our innate pro-social abilities for unconditional love, universal compassion, and creative collaboration. Along with this science comes a new set of meditation practices that go beyond mindfulness and are designed to enhance altruism, decrease compassion fatigue and help us transform challenging social interactions into spiritual advantage. Join Kristin and Miles for an immersion into the complete system of radical altruism based on the art and science of compassion.
~ Four Point Exchange of Self and Other
~ Loving Kindness
~ Giving-and-Taking Meditation
~ Breathing & Movement


You can join either sessions, or both. Each session includes mindful yoga, essential breath work, and seated guided meditations.

Suitable for all students of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, with interest in psychology.




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