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Deepening your yoga with self-practice


Does this sound familiar? You come out of a yoga class, feeling so invigorated and open that you wonder why you don’t do this more often. Maybe you want to practice on your own but you are not sure what to do.

In this workshop you will learn a self-practise routine that you can follow at your own convenience, whether at home, work or abroad.

You will learn a 12 minute Sun Salutation routine (Astanga based), a 6 minute pranayama routine (nadi sodhana), a 6 minute Buddhist meditation (samatha) and a 12 minute Yin Yoga & Mindfulness routine. If practiced together you have about 45 minutes of practice (including savasana).


You can also do the routines separately when you have less time. We will practice the routines together during the workshop so you have internalizes them before you leave (and we will write them down on paper for you as a reminder).

During the workshop we will also talk about the lasting effects of a regular self-practice, the intimacy of being with your own breath and the will to free up time for a self-practice for the benefit of yourself and others.

This workshop is for students who are familiar with basic yoga technique taught in led classes. Students who already have a self-practice (astanga mysore) have the opportunity to complement that practice with sitting meditation, pranayama and nurturing yin.

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