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Discover your Authentic Nature

With Roland Jan van Mulligen & Inge Peters

What is your deepest heartfelt desire in life? What is it that holds you back from being and living life as your free, Authentic Self? 



In this workshop, these 2 straightforward questions are a foundation, a starting point from where we will move into a journey together and into ourselves. We will explore how to shed the layers that block your free expression, that which keeps you from being authentic. As human beings, we all have accumulated social, psychological and cultural habits and conditionings that cover our natural self. These learned conditionings are holding us hostage and keep us from being free and authentic.



Very often as we move on our path of becoming more aware we already start to see and recognize these old patterns and an unfolding or unwinding can happen. Through meditation, stress release exercises, yoga Nidra, (self) Inquiry and sharing we can see through our conditioning and move out of a survival mode that’s often full of fear, hesitation, and rejection. We can move forward by resting in our natural and authentic Self, to truly enjoy a life full of spontaneity and flow. Here you can rest, be and express yourself as you already are, as your authentic unique self. This workshop invites you to fully step in and together we will discover, play and share in (little) groups to unveil your patterns and habits and to go beyond your known horizon. 



Are you willing to go deeper and to allow this unfolding of layers to happen and step into the free zone of your authentic nature? We will share practical tools and exercises that you can take with you and use in your daily life as well. This workshop is for those who feel a calling from the heart to step out of their comfort zone and live a life from freedom and truth.  Although we will use yoga and meditation (exercises, inquiry, breathwork, Nidra) as tools, this is not a typical yoga workshop. So come with an open heart and clear mind and leave your expectations at home.

Date / Time




09 November 2019, 14:00 - 17:00

Weesperstraat 63

Roland Jan van Mulligen & Inge Peters

€ 35



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