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Discovering Peace: Yin yoga and Self Inquiry


This workshop is dedicated to self discovery; remembering who you truly are.

Through a slow and meditative yoga practice, a few rounds of circular breathing and paying attention to the question 'who/ what am I?' in a contemplative way, we will see that the layers of limiting assumptions and convictions about ourselves and the world start to fall away. When this happens a great space of peace is revealed. This space of peace is what we are.


We may have learned that it takes a long and difficult journey to find real and everlasting peace and happiness, but is this really true? Many awakened beings share with us that we are already our true and peaceful Self but that we are not aware of that. It may only take a shift of focus to move beyond the restless thinking mind and become aware of a timeless and peaceful Stillness which we essentially are. This deepening class is an opportunity to recognize our true Self.


The love, peace & joy we can experience in work, relationships and many different situations in our life are always temporary and never guaranteed. We can discover for ourselves that the qualities we all long for, arise from the space of stillness within. When we deeply recognize this we can enjoy and be fully content with our day to day life even more because we clearly see that our peace and happiness are not depending on the ever changing daily circumstances.


We will make a distantless journey from head to true Heart with meditative yoga, self inquiry, circulair breathwork, and enough room for Q&A.  


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