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Dream Yoga Workshop


Following the success of last year’s introduction workshop to Dream Yoga, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang returns to Delight Yoga to teach a weekend workshop.

The event is suitable for both re-attending students and new-comers alike.

Tibetan doctors have a well-developed understanding of the relationship between dreams and health; thus dreams are analysed from both a spiritual and a medical perspective. Both the Tantric spiritual tradition and Traditional Tibetan Medicine describe three basic components; Consciousness, the subtle Lung energies, and the chakras and channels - as being necessary for the manifestation of dreams.

Dream Yoga is an ancient Tibetan practice of using the dream state as a method to enable us to remain conscious while dreaming (lucid dreaming) and teaches how to decipher the dream language as a mirror of our mind. As we awaken within our dream state, we transform this dream of waking life. We can realize the hidden functions of our mind and energy, and free ourselves from all types of blockages and limiting emotions.

This weekend workshop will begin as a refresher to last years introduction, but will involve more guided step- by-step visualizations and delve much deeper into the meanings and analysis of the symbols contained in our dreams.

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