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Drishti & Bandha's in Astanga Yoga

With Jurre Twijnstra

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Ujjayi (breathing with sound), bandha (bonding the energy) and drishti (gazing point) are the three pillars of Astanga Yoga. Applying subtle changes to these concepts can make a big difference in your practice. Join Jurre for this workshop and explore the role of Bandha and Drishti in your Astanga practice.


In traditional Astanga practice the drishti (gazing point) is fixed. In Trikonasana, for example, you gaze towards your top hand. This gaze helps you focus your attention on your inner body as well as direct your alignment. Focusing more on the drishti can have a huge effect on your body and your concentration.
Sometimes the given focus point cannot be comfortably reached because of limitations in your body. Looking up in trikonasana if you have neck issues or pain can be uncomfortable. In this workshop you will also learn small personal modifications that can change your practice in a big way. 


Bandha means bonding the energy. Lots of attention within the Astanga practice is given to using the three bandhas: Mula (root lock) Uddiyana (upward moving), Jalandhara (chin lock). Lightly activitating your lower abdomen (uddiyana) and pelvic (mula) floor gives stability around the waist and back. This will help you move from the core and stabilize and energize your practice. We will practice finding your bandhas, how to use these muscles and feeling the lifting energy that it creates.

We will start this workshop exploring these two important concepts with theory, looking at different approaches to them, and exercises. Finally we will apply it all in a short Astanga practice.


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About Jurre Twijnstra

The breath is magic to Jurre. “The breath takes me to places in the body that feel like inner in outer space." His Astanga classes are focused on moving with the breath, being the breath, and using it to find space and peace.

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