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End of Year Workshop: Reflect & Reset

With Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

In this workshop, we will look at how we can enter the dark days of winter - in which we can go into winter blues - keeping the inner light burning.


The dark days of winter call us to go within and take quiet reflection time as nature goes into hibernation and appears to be more still. Yet underground there is much happening, nature in her rest is preparing for the new. 


Life is a balance of opposites, too much movement leaves us depleted and ungrounded, too much non-action leaves us feeling stagnant, uninspired and depressed. Through the understanding of Nature’s laws of action and re-action, which Ayurveda teaches us happens through balancing opposites, we can use winter as a beautiful time of deep resetting.


Bring notepad and pen to take notes and wear comfortable clothing as we will do some active Yoga & Pranayama.

Date / Time




28 December 2019, 14:00 - 17:00

Weesperstraat 63

Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

€ 35



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About Victoria (Tory) Hyndman

In a light-spirited manner yet sticking to the authentic teachings of yoga, Victoria uses the wisdom of Ayurveda in her yoga classes for students to experience spiritual access through physical practice.

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