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Energy Awareness Masterclass

With Juno Burger

What happens exactly when you meet someone and you feel they have drained your energy after you parted? Why is that you feel you can sleep for a week after visiting Ikea on a Saturday afternoon? Understanding the dynamics of energetic exchange between people and the spaces they inhabit allows you to bring yourself back in a place of authentic power rather than overwhelm and disempowerment.


Rediscovering the direct and subtle language of your body makes you aware of the frequencies you pick up from around you as well as your conditioned response to that information. Your common and likely response of personalizing, trying to understand and fix that information is what creates conflict in and around yopu resulting in energetic charge that you experience as toxic stress in your body. Reeducating your energy system to consciously connect with any information and embrace it in its directness and fulness, allows old charge to fall away and prevents new limitations to build up.


In this interactive talk Juno will share the most exciting findings of his life time study into the compassionate heart. He will explain why there is no need for energetic protection, what it means to be truly grounded and how your entire system is designed to live with the full spectrum of life without being adversely affected by it.


If you're interested in Juno's work please also have a look at the Energy Awareness Training we'll be offering this year (starting in June and October).

Date / Time




06 April 2019, 15:00 - 17:00


Juno Burger

€ 30



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