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Energy Awareness Training

With Juno Burger

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How the compassionate heart has the ability to heal you, those around you and the spaces you inhabit. What happens exactly when you meet someone and you feel they have drained your energy after you parted? Why is that you feel you can sleep for a week after visiting Ikea on a Saturday afternoon?

In this interactive workshop, spread out over three separate day, Juno takes you on a journey into the mechanics of the compassionate heart. With both teachings and hearts-on exercises you will submerge into the world of subtle energies. You will consciously expose yourself to that which is alive in yourself, the energy field of others and the frequencies that inhabit the spaces where you live and work. This approach will give you the direct experience of what this information is all about and at the same time let you discover how you relate to it.

Through the rediscovery of your body language you will not only become aware of a boundless range of energies you encounter on a daily basis, you will also learn to recognise how your system has been conditioned to response to these phenomena. And this is your key to inner peace.

By no longer identifying with, trying to comprehend or fix that which you experience, you fundamentally change and stop the limiting ways you have been dealing with life in the past. At the same time you access the intelligence and the power of the compassionate heart which has the ability to embrace life with equanimity and let it be completely, recognising its perfection and inevitability already.

During this workshop you will learn to embrace the shadow aspects of your personality with awareness and compassion, which will lighten you up and create a transparency in your system through which life can move freely. This allows you to be with anyone at any place, experience life full on without any reservation or blockages, and not be adversely affected by it. As you become more available for the entire bandwidth of energies that our earthly existence presents, you immediately become more available for fellow human beings and all of nature in its beauty. 

The inner calm  and clarity you establish with this practice in your self will be reflected in your outer world effortlessly.
Besides the fact that this awareness is meaningful as a basic of skill set for literally every human being it is immensely valuable for anyone dealing with groups. Be it students, coworkers or family, it allows you to hold true space for your self, the people you are with and at the same create and sustain a healing space.


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