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Energy Clearing Workshop

With Juno Burger

Whenever we think of liberation, peace or healing it is about the absence of that from which we apparently suffer; no more thoughts, conflict, or pain. But what if true healing and peace do not come from the absence of what you think you suffer from but from the absence of that in you which is suffering?

What you will learn:

This is the paradox we will be exploring in this hearts-on workshop that Juno will present at Delight Yoga. He will take you on a fascinating journey into the mechanics and dynamics of energetic exchange between people.


You will learn to apply awareness and the power of the compassionate heart to that of which you become aware. What you become aware of is not just what you pick up from others, at the same time you will discover how you have been conditioned to respond to what arises in your awareness. Recognizing this will take you beyond blame and guilt, and put you back in a place of authentic power and more conscious creation.


Becoming more conscious of your rich inner world and meeting it with awareness and compassion allows you to carefully deconstruct a very old story you hold about yourself and others. This gives way to a much deeper connection to all that is alive and allows all of life to flow more freely, bringing abundant health, happiness, and deep inner peace.

Date / Time




06 December 2020, 10:00 - 17:00

Prinseneiland (Haarlemmerplein)

Juno Burger

€ 144



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About Juno Burger

Juno has been sensitive to the energies of people and spaces from a very young age. He has spent most of his life looking for ways to live with this sensitivity. For the past 18 years he has been active as an energy therapist, working with both people and the spaces they occupy.

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