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Foundation on Ayurveda (50 hours)

With Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

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Yoga and Ayurveda are like inseparable siblings – the union of Universal Wisdom. The combination of these two sciences brings forth a system of healing for physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness.

The best way of learning and integrating anything into your life is through direct experience. In this Foundation on Ayurveda program, you will experience how we are all made up of nature’s five great elements: the Pancha maha bhutas (ether, air, fire, water and earth) and how living in accordance with these laws of nature enables us to meet our individual fullest potential.

Though we are all made up of the exact same elements, we each contain different amounts of each element, which makes each of us a unique expression of nature. Consequently, we all need different foods, herbs, healing remedies, lifestyles and yoga practices.

In this 50-hours program, you will receive a solid foundation on the pillars of Ayurveda and guidelines for applying these principles in your own life. You will understand how the three doshas are formed. Through this understanding, you will discover your own natural-born constitution (prakruti) and your current imbalance (vikruti) and start to develop your ‘Ayurvedic Eye’ to see things from the Ayurvedic perspective, which brings profound and deep insight into your life and your world.

This training is suitable for everyone who has a profound interest in Ayurveda and some experience with yoga.

Program outline

  • Introduction to Ayurvedic Lifestyles (dinacharya)
  • Pancha maha bhutas: the five great elements of nature and creation;
  • The doshas: theory and functions within body and mind
  • The Gunas: the set 10 universal qualities and their matching opposites. The theory of ‘like increases like’, ‘opposites heal’.
  • Doshas in the seasons, in our life stages and the 24 hours of the day: the constant energetic dance of energies
  • The mind states of sattva, rajas, tamas
  • Spirituality in daily life: the four biological and spiritual instincts/aims of life: artha (finance/work), dharma (religion/spirit), kama (pro-creation/creative growth/ happiness) and moksha (freedom/liberation)
  • The dhatus (bodily tissues), srotas (systems of the body), ojas (vitality), tejas (sacred flame of intelligence) and prana (energetic body/life force)
  • Reading the map of the soul: the face. Each individual organ is a storehouse for a specific emotion. The face is the map of the soul, and shows which emotions/organs have been affected through diet, lifestyle or emotional trauma
  • The chakras and kundalini: their locations and functions, seen through the Ayurvedic lens.


Extra hours

Plan some extra time each day to incorporate and apply the suggested morning routine into your daily life, plus a 30-minute sit to reflect on the day from the Ayurvedic perspective in order to understand, digest and absorb the new insights.



Regular yoga practice. 

This training is suitable for everyone with a profound interest in Ayurveda. 


Reading & watching

  • Sebastian Pole - A Pukka Life
  • Vasant Lad -  Ayurveda: Textbook of Fundamental Principles
  • Watch: “The doctor from India” on Vimeo (a rental documentary on Dr. Vasant Lad, Victoria's teacher) 

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About Victoria (Tory) Raven Hyndman

In a light-spirited manner yet sticking to the authentic teachings of yoga, Victoria uses the wisdom of Ayurveda in her yoga classes for students to experience spiritual access through physical practice.

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