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From the inside out; the power of dance

With Samadhi Dance Company

A chance to explore the powerful effects of dance seen from a different perspective. Taught by Vraja Sundari from the Samadhi Dance Company, participants will be introduced to the basic principles of Sundari’s teachings in order to increase physical freedom and (re)connect with oneself through the art of dance.


What to expect

Dance can be used to increase our self-healing capacity, to connect with others in a non-verbal manner, to help us deal with certain events in our lives and to inspire ourselves and others to express ourselves in our own authentic way. In this workshop, we will explore these beneficial effects of dance by increasing our capacity to understand our body and its relationship with the mind and spirit.


The last 15 years Vraja Sundari has been actively researching the connections between different dance forms, their philosophical origins and the relationship between dance and spiritual principles. Her research has led Sundari to develop a movement method that combines Vedic principles from yoga and dance from ancient India with western dance techniques. This method aims at not only expanding one’s movement vocabulary by fusing different dance disciplines, but mainly to use dance as a means to connect with the self and its surroundings, to create art that surpasses cultural boundaries, to increase one’s physical, emotional and mental health and finally, to increase one’s freedom of movement and individual expression.



The workshop is open to participants of all levels and ages and no prior experience is needed. Only an open mind is required, a bit of courage and the curiosity to explore movement from a different perspective.


Practical information

Please wear comfortable clothes, avoiding jewellery that could limit movement or be hazardous when dancing with others. Bare feet, ballet shoes or socks are preferable. 

Date / Time




26 October 2019, 14:00 - 17:00

Weesperstraat 63

Samadhi Dance Company

€ 45



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