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Fundamentals of Asana Alignment - Part two

With Peter Roussel

Part two: Shoulders Float!

Shoulders don’t rest on bones like the legs, they ‘float'. Maybe it doesn’t feel like that? Try these shoulder releases and alignment principles to bring balance back to your upper body.

The complexity of the shoulder joint provides an amazing dexterity to the human body. We can see this by the wide variety of things we can do with our arms and hands. Like a sail on a boat the forces that hold the shoulder in place need to be balanced to provide power. Shoulders benefit from balancing the strength and length of the supporting muscles on front and back. Alignment and release techniques can make your shoulders healthier and protect the joints. Even more important, healthy shoulders keep the neck free allowing the flow of energy from heart and lungs to reach the brain = we feel clearer and more energetic.

More than the body, shoulder alignment can be a practice to consider our action. Do we act in ways that damage ourselves to achieve results? Can we be mindful and moderate our actions according to our capacity?

All levels of ability and experience welcome.

Date / Time




24 June 2018, 14:00 - 17:00


Peter Roussel




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