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Fundamentals of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation


The Principles of a still practice - A Yin Yoga Workshop

  • Why do we hold Yin yoga postures for so long?
  • Why are the results of this practice different from a dynamic practice?
  • What is Mindfulness Meditation?
  • Find out in this workshop!


Yin Yoga is a passive and meditative practice, targeting the connective tissue and joints in the body – rather than stretching muscles. This practice increases our flexibility and range of motion in a deep and effective way, may increase bone density, and enhances our vitality and overall heath. Since there is a strong meditative component to this practice, it has a calming effect on our mind and is an excellent way to counter balance a busy life.


During this workshop you will learn:

  • the 3 main principles of Yin Yoga;
  • the reason for holding Yin postures several minutes at a time;
  • the difference between muscles and connective tissue; and
  • the basics of Mindfulness Meditation.

Both beginning and experienced yogis will enjoy this workshop.

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