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Future Feminine: Experience Yourself as the Woman You Dream of Being


I sense. I attract. I birth. 

Take an unforgettable journey with a group of women over the course of three classes. We will gather and become a group of women with no limits; talking about the same struggles, raw vulnerabilities and practices of self care. With the intent to inspire each other in the most authentic way. 

These courses will emit a soft, yet potent energy to feel more close, raw, wild and real. Practices will weave vinyasa, kundalini and restorative yoga, mantra meditations, healing, writing and ceremony together with a tender spirit. 

Each course will contain about 1.5 hours of emotionally connected yoga practice with 1.5 hours of creative exercise. Please bring your favorite pen and journal to the first session. 

22 april at Weteringschans : Lesson One : Sisterhood : I sense. 

Our encounter will be anything but casual. See and experience the indomitable feminine strength as we partner up with like-minded women who are ready to know and celebrate their unique and beautiful gifts. 

2 June at Nieuwe Achtergracht : Lesson Two : Feminine Archetypes : I attract.

Explore four archetypical feminine figures that reside within each of us. You are invited to meet them and become them, become you. Inspiring imagery will be used to spark change and transformation in who you believe you can be. 

23 June at Nieuwe Achtergracht : Lesson Three : Future Fem : I birth. 

How do you embody your Future Fem? We will adorn ourselves and share reflections about what we choose to manifest in this course. Prepare for your essence to come into full bloom! 


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