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Hatha-Raja Yoga Weekend

With Andrei Ram

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Breath Based Yoga

Andrei Ram's BreathBasedYoga is an approach to the traditional Hatha-Raja Yoga, based on a constant breathing awareness aimed through the practice of different Pranayama techniques, which bridge the integration of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  Such Pranayama-mastering gradually develops a diversity of higher states of consciousness, which fructifies into cleverness, free-standing joy and generous harmony among good health.

Saturday 30 May 

Breath Based Yoga Sadhana: The Essentials 9.30 - 12.30
An introduction to the BreathBasedYoga practice. This is a complete Hatha-Raja Practice, which includes 60-minute basic Pranayama techniques, followed by a 90-minute breath induced Hatha-Vinyasa practice, finished with Prana-Nidra relaxation and Kriya-Yoga meditation.

Kriya-Pranayama 14.00 - 17.00
The turning point in the Yoga experience begins when one dives into the inner-practices, beyond the Asana. Pranayama is then the gateway towards such Self’s inner journey. This practice includes rare ancient Pranayama and visualization techniques. It begins with Nāda Yoga Nidra (Sound induced yogi relaxation) to move into a deeper Pranayama practice, as preparation for the development of the mystical Kriya Yoga meditation.

Sunday 31 May

Maha Sadhana 9.30 -12.30
A deeper second dosage of BreathBasedYoga practice to enjoy the high of weightless movement and profound consciousness.

Kriya-Yoga Satsang 14.00 - 17.00
A closing session aimed to integrate all previewed practices towards the Samadhi summits. This session begins with a Prana-Nidra and a final Kriya-Yoga meditation practice. The rest of the time is reserved for Satsang. An open conversation where practitioners are invited to ask their personal inquiries about the Yoga path and the Self’s inner-technologies practised during the weekend.

About Andrei Ram

Founder of BreathBasedYoga, Andrei Ram is a world-renowned yoga master who maintains and offers the benefits of the timeless yogi way of living. He spent over ten years serving the great yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, from whom he received acharya initiation in the yoga lineage and its ancient wisdom.


From an early age, Andrei has gifted insights and realizations about the non-physical aspects of reality, which have evolved after many years of intense yoga practice. His teachings offer a transformative experience to learn about the energy system and how to apply it, both to the yoga practice and to the daily living.


He travels worldwide sharing his unique yoga approach and making accessible to all the most mystical aspects of the Yoga Science. For more information about Andrei Ram go to



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