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Healing Through Mantra and Mudra


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Discover the power of the science of sound.

Mantra (meaning “to transcend") is the science of sound. Mantras are formulas that are vibrations of cosmic prāna (energy) moulding and shaping our inner space which help us go beyond the different layers of the mind and ego (mano, chitta, buddha and ahamkara).


Mudra means “gesture” or “expression”. Hand mudras enhance circulation and bring circulation to the diseased part of the body and thereby unfolds cellular awareness. It brings prāna (energy) to where prāna is lacking.


As we experience daily life, mental stress can wear down the body’s intelligence, vigour, and vitality. Physical stress through improper diet or leading a lifestyle not within our nature can also cause disharmony in our physical body.

What you will learn:

In this workshop, Victoria (Tory) will teach you simple yet powerful mantras and mudras that will bring healing to our imbalance. Some mantras can directly awaken the intelligence of a particular organ, known as “Bija mantras” (or Beeja mantras) while others are a formula of a few words. 


These words are in Sanskrit, the oldest known language. Sanskrit is a vibrational language. Like music, regardless of which language is your mother tongue, music still touches and awakens our inner waters, therefore you do not have to “believe” in this. It is a science; to quote Victoria’s teacher Dr. Vasant Lad: "Believe it or not, it works.”.

Practical Notes

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be sitting for long periods. Also, please refrain from drinking coffee three hours before the workshop as this might affect the level of depth in the experience.


Have a notepad and pen ready to take notes.


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