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Healing Yoga Workshop: Raise Your Vibration

With Ingeborg Timmerman

This workshop has been canceled. Please visit our Workshop Page for a more recent offering of workshops and trainings.

Join Ingeborg for an afternoon of raising our vibrations and expanding our consciousness. This will decrease our fear and can support our immune system, it will bring awareness to who we are in essence and live from that place.


⚭ Learn how to empower yourself. 

What you will learn:

In this workshop, you will learn practical tools to embody your life in a clear way and let life create itself. You'll learn to listen and to hear your inner voice, and let life move from there, let life be composed by nature as it is.


How can we balance ourselves, so we are able to experience the Sameness we all long for? And at the same time be wild, free, wise, compassionate, and fierce? How can we optimize our ability to blossom in life and to use our wisdom and skills in order to weave a new world together?


In this one-day Healing Yoga workshop, we'll connect in a very direct way to the intelligence of our physical, energetic, and mental bodies using tools and practices rooted in Vajrayana Buddhism, working with emotions, visualizations and sounds, healing and Kundalini, diverse breathwork and meditations.


We will cover:

  • Nine Purification Breath
  • Prostration Practice
  • Guru Yoga
  • Healing & Kundalini Yoga Practices
  • Trauma Releasing Exercises
  • Feeding your Demons
  • Buddha Dakini Mandala practice
  • Love and Kindness Meditation


This workshop is open to beginners and more experienced students. All levels welcome.


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Cancellation policy

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About Ingeborg Timmerman

For Ingeborg yoga is her life. Expect her to help you connect to who you really are. Being free in all your bodies. Mentally, energetically and physically. Ingeborg uses different movements derived from various teachings, such as Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Tibetan Buddhist Practices.

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