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Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

With Alixe van Ogtrop

Alixe will guide you in an Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony. Cacao has a very gentle and loving energy. When drinking the cacao with intent you can receive beautiful insights, connect more easily to your heart and experience a lot of joy.


Cacao is an ancient medicine, the Incas valued cacao as gold. This is not for nothing. Cacao is a gentle and  powerful plant with strong healing qualities. The soft spirit of the cacao helps to open your heart so you can experience more love, gratitude and joy in life. Through the cacao you can connect to your inner child, feeling playful, wondrous or heal wounds from your childhood.

Besides the emotional healing properties, pure cacao has also many health benefits. It can boost your energy, work as an anti-depressant, be helpful with high blood pressure, reset your hormones, has many anti-oxidants and so much more.

As everything is energy we will start the ceremony with setting an intention. We will drink the cacao that is infused with healing herbs with loving awareness. Alixe will then guide you on a healing journey to receive possible insights and let the cacao do its healing work. Since cacao also has a very joyful spirit, there will be room to enjoy singing, drumming and dancing (for those who want it).

In her ceremonies Alixe creates a safe setting by working with nature's elements and the directions. She knows how to take people on a journey in a light, warm way. A journey inward to connect to your true self.

We look forward to celebrating the loving and joyful spirit of cacao together!


1. Have a light meal prior to the ceremony
2. Drink plenty of water 
3. The cacao will be contradictory to Antidepressant medicine
4. Wear something relaxing
5. Bring an instrument if you wish

Date / Time




27 June 2021, 19:30 - 22:00

Nieuwe Achtergracht

Alixe van Ogtrop

€ 40



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About Alixe van Ogtrop

Alixe always knew she wanted to change the world. Starting in corporate life she discovered that the real change can only be made when the change is made within. After a PTSD Alixe went on her own healing journey, when reconnecting with her True Self and coming back home (within) she could not, not start to guide other people back to their own Inner Being.

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