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Heart over Head: Inversion workshop


Reintroduce you to your inner child, being playful and light hearted

Due to high interest Jenny offers the next Heart over Head workshop. This event will set the foundation for the following inversion workshops. It presents a great opportunity for all the students introducing, developing and deepening their inversion practice.

Inversions like shoulder stand, headstand, forearm stand are playing an important role in the yoga practice. However, inversions can also be intimidating. Especially when inversions are new to us and we are not sure about how to invert safely according to our mobility, flexibility and strength.

What does the workshop offer you?

You will be given the knowledge how to start and continue inverting safe with good alignment during class at home and with a partner. Moving in stages, breaking the postures down with explanations allows every student to take it to their personal level, building confidence and exploring the journey rather than the final “destination”. We will introduce the use of props and learn how to use them intelligently.

Who is it for?

  • Yoga students starting their inversion practice
  • Students that want to develop deeper understanding how to safely invert and feel the poses
  • Students that would like to overcome fear and build a healthy and trustful relationship of practicing being upside down.
  • Students that like to review and refresh the fundamentals and all the different options we have using props, the wall and partners.

This workshop is not restricted to beginners - All levels of Yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges, as they slowly and mindfully move through postures that will build strength and body awareness

Why practicing inversions?

  • Various physical health benefits like releasing back pain, better posture, improving digestion , boosting the immune system, glowing and healthy skin and many more. 
  • Mental benefits like improving concentration, being focused, thinking clear.        better function of the brain, observation, memory. Balancing the hormones will make you feel better, relaxed and settled.
  • Inviting challenge in an easygoing and playful way and your comfort zone expands to something much greater, as you get to know yourself.


Please let Jenny know if you have any further questions or you are not sure if this workshop is for you.

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