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I Am: Meditation Course - Online


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This course is for those who are devoted to finding true, unfading peace within. A peace that is always there, but is often overlooked. We tend to give so much attention to thought-activity that we miss the peaceful I Am state of Being. That serene inner aliveness which is prior to thought and emotion.


We have learned to identify with our name, our gender, our cultural habits, ideas and beliefs, but have forgotten that which is before all of this, out of which all of these ideas arise; the I Am sense. From the place of ‘I Am’, you can observe the tendency to identify with name and form, you can watch habits and addictions without being hypnotized by it. Everything that comes after 'I am'; .. a man, a woman, successful or not successful, not good enough, not worthy of love, spiritual or not spiritual, etc. All the identifications are limitations, unstable, and thought-based. The sense of Presence is stable and complete.


The I Am presence is like a door that opens one way to the world of names and forms (''I am this/ that'') and opens the other way to the formless Silence within; the Self, or Awareness. It is the subtle vibration of existing before you form any idea about yourself, it is Here. It is a place of completeness, oneness, and true rest.


Eventually this vibration of Being is also witnessed by That which is prior to I am. Than the Self recognizes Itself.


I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences.

I am not the content of my life.

I am Life.

I am the space in which all things happen.

I am consciousness. I am the Now.

I Am.  - Eckhart Tolle

What you will learn:

During these 8 weeks, next to the weekly online gatherings, you will be encouraged to recognize and rest in Beingness as much as you can, this will allow destructive habits to dissolve. You will be given simple tools and techniques to remember and abide in the source of silence within. Not only during your daily sittings but also when waiting in line for your groceries, talking to your boss or your partner, being with your children, drinking a tea, walking or driving your car or working on your laptop. Meditation becomes not a ‘doing’ but your natural state of Being that will uplift, harmonize, and simplify all aspects of your life.


This course is also meant to support those who would like to have a daily meditation practice. To discover the 'I Am' ground of Being within yourself is one thing, but to break free from the habit of ongoing identifying with mind & body, content requires daily devotion, commitment, and support. To gradually stabilize in I Am and eventually go beyond this as well.


We will cover:

  • We will come together every week with a group (max. 20), for guided and silent meditation, self-inquiry, to practice simple tools and techniques, and to share and inspire each other from a place of truth and vulnerability.
  • During these 8 weeks, you are supported and have the intention to sit for meditation twice a day to stabilize in Being in order to allow a profound transformative impact on your daily life take place.
  • Every week there will be online recorded meditations, written background information on meditation and self-realization, and supportive videos that you can access through a login on Rolandjan’s website (lifetime access).
  • Being in a supportive ‘like-minded’ group, we are also connected in between the online sessions.
  • Weekly reading and reflective writing assignments, we read from Adyashanti and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.


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