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Introduction to Pranayama Practice


Pranayama (breathing technique) can be a very powerful practice if you are willing to invest some time in it. It can establish the basis from which you can grow and develop mentally and physically towards a deeper form of maturity. In this workshop Pranayama practice is combined with Yoga Asana (postures). Together they form the highest form of cleansing and discipline for body and mind. The regular practice of simple breathing techniques cleanses and stabilises body and mind. The breath flowing freely provides access to your inner world, and can lead to a deeper state of meditation. Your body then feeds on vital energy: the digestive system and lungs are stimulated and cleansed, the mind becomes clear and calm, nervous system strengthened. You will feel vital, awake and content as your body’s energy system is balanced. This practical workshop offers a safe introduction to Pranayama. We will practise the Kriyas (cleansing techniques) and specific, simple Pranayama techniques of concentration, meditation and mantra. All levels are welcome.


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