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Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Yoga Practitioners

With Francesca Gobeille

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This workshop is an introduction to the Alexander Technique, specifically for yoga practitioners. 

Most of our thoughts, behaviors, and physical responses are habitual and unconscious (some studies say 95%!).  Despite our best efforts, we bring psychological and physical habits even into our yoga and meditation, applying unnecessary tension or collapse in the practices. This interferes with our breathing, balance, coordination, and efficiency in movement, and over time can lead to injury and struggle. 


The Alexander Technique is an empowering, holistic system that sparks body-awareness, and teaches how to use thought/intention to ease the body out of unhelpful patterns of contraction (especially in the head-neck-back relationship).  It enables an experience of standing, moving, breathing, and thinking that is free, light, easeful, and supported! 


This workshop will introduce students to the philosophy and principles of the Alexander Technique, specifically as pertains to yoga.  Then, we will apply the principles to some yoga forms, and conclude with a mindfulness practice.  The workshop is ideal for both beginners and experienced yogis alike, including those with injuries or who want to learn more about their bodies.  Applying Alexander Technique to yoga practice can transform it into one that is more effective, safe, subtle, graceful, enjoyable, and easeful.  


Note: ultimately, this work is learned 1:1, with individual hands-on and verbal guidance from a teacher.  This workshop is not a replacement for private instruction; rather, it is a beginner’s introduction to the process.  Private sessions with the teacher are available through Delight Yoga and


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About Francesca Gobeille

Francesca is a second-generation Yoga teacher.  She brings her lifetime of spiritual practice and study into her classes. Her passion is integrating spirituality and mindfulness with everyday, human life: body, mind, emotions, environment. To this end, she has studied many lineages of meditation and Yoga, Qigong, psychology, neuroscience, Traditional Chinese Medicine, aromatherapy, and the Alexander Technique.

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