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Inversions & Arm Balances With Ease

With Jenny Schoenmann

Learn how to include inversions and arm balances into your everyday practice with ease. This workshop will get you there!

Jenny’s workshops focus both on long time as well as less experienced practitioners. This workshop is open to all levels. You don’t need a long time Yoga practice to invert and being on your hands safely and with ease.

Maybe you have already experienced that there is not enough time during class to practice more challenging poses or you feel stuck, stressed and the way you do it is just not working out for you? You may even think why doing it in the first place? Or you are curious about all the benefits?

In this workshop you’ll get the chance to use your whole body and moving with the breath. That technique makes arm balances, handstands or any other more challenges a whole lot easier.

You’ll learn to do hand stand during class at home and with a partner in several ways to prevent injuries. We will explore arm balances together for you to find your way into it. You connect with your breath and move from your center as a great way to explore the more challenging poses in a much more efficient way while we keep it playful. This playfulness is most important!

First, we’ll warm up our bodies and ignite our cores. Then, we break down some arm balances and inversions: crow, side crow, twisted side crow and handstand. You are invited to send a pose request upfront. That way Jenny does get a good overall view about what will be most fun for you:

  • you will be given the knowledge how to start and continue practicing safe with good alignment during class at home and with a partner in several ways to prevent injuries
  • develop the strength, mobility and flexibility you need
  • breaking the postures down allows every student to take it to their personal level,
  • building confidence and exploring the journey rather than the final “destination”.
  • how to use your whole body and your natural movement to make your yoga practice easier, more efficient and benefitial
  • exploring playfully and most important having fun

Why practicing inversions and arm balances?

  • Various physical health benefits like releasing back pain, better posture, improving digestion , boosting the immune system, glowing and healthy skin and many more.
  • Mental benefits like improving concentration, being focused, thinking clear. better function of the brain, observation, memory. Balancing the hormones will make you feel better, relaxed and settled.
  • Inviting challenge in an easygoing and playful way and your comfort zone expands to something much greater, as you get to know yourself.

All levels welcome! Limited spots available to ensure a great learning experience!! Please let Jenny know if you have any further questions or you are not sure if this workshop is for you.

Date / Time




03 June 2018, 13:30 - 16:00


Jenny Schoenmann




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