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It’s all about the Base - a Psoas, Pelvis and Core Workshop

With Sandra Carson

Psoas, pelvis and core – awareness and alignment workshop

The psoas is a deep muscle that is a major player in our body that has many jobs. It acts as a stabilizer between the lower body and the upper body, it is a mover of the legs and it creates flexion of the hips. For yoga practitioners, having a healthy psoas has a tremendous positive effect on forward bends, backbends and twists. Besides the physical benefits of a healthy psoas, this hip flexor also has a powerful effect on how able you are to relax and feel good in your body. With the psoas being responsible for many functions, tightness in this muscle is very common in all people, even active people. It can lead to problems ranging from back pain to knee and ankle issues. Body workers and yoga teachers are now getting more familiar with the workings of this important deep hip flexor.

In addition to its physical role, the psoas is also an “emotional” muscle and your “second brain.” Stress, unprocessed trauma and emotions are stored deep within your core, in the psoas. To access this part of you and to learn to release it can be of great benefit to finding more ease, wellbeing and energy.

The psoas muscle lies deep within your pelvis, is part of your core and greatly influences the alignment of your pelvis and the engagement of your other core muscles. Feeling the pelvis, releasing the psoas and activating the core are the key to optimal pelvic alignment and stability.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to your psoas, learn how through various easy exercises to align your pelvis, access your psoas and move from your core!

The workshop is accessible to students of all levels, and can be of particular interest to yoga teachers wanting to learn more about the effect of the psoas and pelvic alignment in yoga and vice versa.

In this workshop, you will learn

  • how to align your pelvis and low back
  • how to locate your psoas and determine the effect on your posture
  • about the role of the psoas on all levels of being - physiological, emotional and energetic levels
  • how to release the psoas and find your core
  • how to strengthen your core
  • how to strengthen and lengthen the psoas

The basis of this Yoga Therapy workshop comes from the Anusara Yoga method, the work of Doug Keller, Thomas Meyer and Liz Koch.

Date / Time




26 February 2017, 14:00 - 17:00

De Clercqstraat

Sandra Carson



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About Sandra Carson

Sandra Carson is a knowledgable and insightful yoga teacher who has been teaching internationally since 2002.  She teaches mostly in the Vinyasa style with great care and compassion for her students.  Challenging the students in the practice, she carefully guides them from empowered awareness to the space where transformation can take place.