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Light Body Activation

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen & Ilanit de Wilde

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Join Arno and Ilanit in this is a workshop in which you will be using powerful tools to activate your Light Body. This will be done through Sound, Qi, Breath, and the Power of Speech, in beautiful, powerful, and healing combinations.


Our Light Body is essentially our outerbody, our aura, our consciousness field. It’s our vehicle to move beyond the human condition and return to the source, the essence of ourselves.


The Light Body consists of several elements such as the etheric body, mental body, astral body, and emotional body. The interaction between these elements is necessary to produce paradigm-shifting influences on the body, mind, and life system.

What you will learn:

This workshop is sectioned in several themes based on the different areas of Light Body Activation which we will explore:



I am light, you are Light, we are Light. We are all made of stardust! This light is also called Prana or Qi. It is pure consciousness. While leaving behind the heaviness of your third dimension (3D) physical body, you will connect with your fifth dimension (5D) Light Body!



You will raise your frequency through the sound and vibration from Ilanit’s live singing bowls as well as from your own voice. Every word you think and speak has a frequency. We will be using affirmations carrying the light and love frequency.



Through Qigong and Pranayama, you will burn away old toxic thoughts and material that carry a lower vibration. Replacing it with pure new fresh energy, carrying a high vibration.



Through gentle conscious connected breathing, you exhale the old, that which no longer serves you, the lower vibrational stuff that is in the way of your happiness and personal growth. And with each inhale, you inhale new, fresh energy. Your Breath is the carrier of pure Prana, pure Light, pure Consciousness. So your consciousness will expand as your Light Body is activated.


Power of Speech

With the Power of Speech (affirmations), you will replace lower vibrational thoughts and beliefs with new, positive light carrying thoughts. It is such a pleasure to think and speak beautiful thoughts, it can make you very high! Your higher self will come shining forth!

About Arno and Ilanit

Arno has 30 years of experience in the field of personal growth, breathwork, meditation, and yoga. He has met many masters, shamans, and teachers, and since 1991, Osho has been his Guru. Ilanit grew up as a young child in several Osho communes. She was always surrounded by spirituality and meditation.


Arno & llanit fell in love in 2020 and share a passion for supporting and coaching people in their spiritual growth processes.


We joined forces to offer a series of three workshops: Light Body Activation, Mystic Rose and Kundalini Rising. We share the same passions in life and also share the same Guru: Osho! We love sharing our love, experience and qualities with you and are looking forward to meeting you. - Arno & Ilanit


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About Arno Nistal Ten Veen & Ilanit de Wilde

Arno Nistal ten Veen: Arno began with meditation and self-healing at the age of 16. By the age of 23 he was fully on the path of personal growth and spirituality. He has trained in Rebirthing, Massage and Meditation and has studied for 17 years with his spiritual guide Osho.

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