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Living Yoga Anatomy


An in depth Yoga Anatomy Workshop for Yoga Students and Teachers


Your hands can be the best tool for exploring and refinement of the experiential knowledge of your structural anatomy. Combined with the clear mind of science that an anatomy book brings, the art of “what goes where and why” grows in your asana, pranayama and meditation practice. Teachers may then use these deeper analysis and refinement skills in their classroom, students can safely go deeper in their practice.


Come learn how your hands and mind can work together in feeling the unknown depths and details of your Yoga body.


Come explore the anatomy of yoga asana and the vinyasa movement that breathes life into your asana practice with expert guidance from a seasoned Rolfing® instructor and level 2 KPJAYI authorized Astanga yoga teacher. Whether working inside your self or with yoga students in class, your practice or your teaching will never be the same after this intensive weekend of hands-on anatomy.


A must for Astanga practitioners, this anatomy weekend is suitable for all dedicated students of any vinyasa based asana system (min 6 months of yoga experience recommended). You will refine your understanding of how your body moves in different asanas when connected to the breath. There is no formal yoga practice during the workshop, but you will get to practice asanas to directly experience your structural anatomy in movement!

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