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Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga: 5 Elements & Body Parts

With Mariette de Kroon

Lu Jong 5 element movements are tremendously beneficial, accessible to all ages & abilities and very easy to integrate in daily life. In this workshop you will also experience and feel a whole group of movements beneficial for the musculo-skeletal system. A healthy treat for your spine and all your joints! This is a beautiful opportunity to learn and enjoy this precious practice for health & happiness from Tibet!

The practice of Lu Jong Tibetan Healing yoga has its roots in Tibetan Medicine, Bön & Tantrayana and is a very effective way to take care of our body and mind. Lu means body and Jong means training or transformation. We use our body as a vehicle for inner transformation, a key to hidden dimensions.

With Lu Jong we train our subtle body channels. The subtle body channels are not only vital for the passage of blood, oxygen and energy in the body, but also for a properly flowing mind. Whether our channels are open and flexible or blocked greatly influences our health, vitality, and state of mind.
By combining form, flowing movements and breath we repeatedly apply pressure to particular points, creating an internal massage opening the channels. At the same time we cultivate awareness. When the subtle winds and essences flow harmoniously in the channels, the mind automatically becomes calm, still and silent.

The Lu Jong 1 series consists of 23 movements including the 5 Elements, Body Parts, Vital Organs & a group of movements with Specific Health Benefits.

With the 5 Elements movements we balance and purify the 5 elements. Everything consists of the 5 elements: space, earth, wind, fire, water. Our natural surroundings, our body, our food and also the qualities in our mind. So much wisdom of natural cycles and how body and mind can help each other is integrated in these movements. By combining form, movement and breath we create a special energy and internal massage preventing and releasing blockages. A very effective way to keep the spine – the energy box of the body - healthy, strong and flexible.

By balancing the 5 element energies we transform negative emotions and allow our mind to be naturally calm, centered and home. We more easily access all the natural qualities of the mind. We tap into our inner guidance, innate wisdom, and recognize we are love, we are happiness.

This workshop also treats the group of movements for the Body Parts: very beneficial for the joints in shoulders, arms & hips & legs (eg also if you have rheuma, arthritis, loss of feeling, tingling, rsi) & head, neck, upper back, lower back & sacrum.
Lu Jong is for everyone and easy to integrate in daily life.

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13 November 2016, 14:00 - 17:00


Mariette de Kroon


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About Mariette de Kroon

After her studies and work in business management Mariette participated in a retreat with the Dalai Lama in the South of France. Chair massage aroused her interest in shiatsu and the language of body & mind.