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Magic of the Breath

With Jurre Twijnstra

Breathing is the most vital action in daily life, the foundation of all movement and in Astanga Yoga it is the main focus point of our practice. We take over 22,000 breaths every day yet we are aware of very few -if any- of them.


In Astanga Yoga practice, we steady our awareness repeatedly on our breath, using a simple audible breath that both heats the body and cools the mind. Ujjayi means the "victorious" or psychic breath and it is capable of taking our yoga to the next level!


This workshop will take you through the theory and practice of ujjayi breath, its relationship to the anatomy and physiology of the body, and its impact on the state of the mind. We will experience the breath as the key to explore the inner body in the practice, opening to the more subtle level of experience connected to the "prana", our vital energy. In this workshop you will discover new aspects of ujjayi breath, of the mind and of the prana vayu's, which - when applied to your Astanga Yoga practice - will magically change your practice! You will get a chance to experience this directly!


This workshop is open to everyone interested in the specific subject of the breath, to all students from any school or yoga tradition. You don't need to be an Astanga Yoga practitioner to join this workshop!

Date / Time




28 October 2018, 14:00 - 17:00


Jurre Twijnstra




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