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Magical Morning Routine Workshop - Online

With Jenny Schoenmann

There is a powerful correlation between people practicing a morning routine and having more focus during the day. Join Jenny Schoenmann, a certified yoga teacher and Coach, as she guides you through a simple step by step process to start your day by being in balance with yourself, your health and your life.


Wake Up and Start Transforming Your Day

Your morning routine will support you in a very profound way that keep you in connection with your self when you face challenges and setback. With your daily rituals, practices, and routines it is possible to have the success, sanity, and happiness in a nourishing, soft and easy way.


Jenny's magical morning routine started a couple of years ago. She can’t tell enough how much that has influenced her life to the better, happier and healthier along with her Yoga practice and soul work. Since then she kept diving deeper, studying and gathering more information and scientific studies around this topic. She is excited to share with you her practice, the effects that her morning routine has on her daily personal, family and work life. You will be practicing techniques to become clear and focused about your day that leads you to be more efficient at work, with your family and let you enjoy your social life. 


What this workshop offers you:

  • A variety of routines and practices you can choose from to build and start with your magical morning
  • Understand your needs to cultivate your morning practice
  • Find calmness to connect with yourself for clarity & purpose
  • Techniques that make you glow from the inside out
  • An easy yoga routine to memorize that doesn’t take too much time but releases overnight tension supports your body and supports the energy flow


You’ll learn routines that are designed to make you feel good and get you in the mood for the day. They’ll give you security and set the framework for your actions. If your routine is geared towards making you feel good and caring for you, chances are high this frame will accompany your day.


"Since I did the morning sessions with Jenny, my start into the day is way easier and lighter. I realised that it is enough to do my best with my routines and I don't have to do all at once. The teachings and advice from Jenny are soulful, joyful, and with ease. For me real inspiration." Sina


This workshop will set you up to start your daily morning routine right away and it will make a big difference to your life. You will know what to do after you wake every morning to do small things that will help you feel happier, more focused, and in tune with how you feel and what you need.


Limited spots available due to a small group to ensure a great learning experience!


Online format

In the online format, the teacher will guide you through the online application ‘Zoom’. Zoom is a live streaming platform with many interactive features - it provides a shared space for students, teachers, and assistants. Delight Yoga has been using Zoom to organise live-streamed classes, workshops, and training days and we have had very positive experiences with it. 


Zoom allows you to participate in the training from home, but you can ask questions and connect with teachers and other students as if you were in the same physical location. 

Please note: if you sign up for this workshop on a moment later than Friday the 2nd of October 10.30, you will not receive an e-mail with inlogdata anymore. To be able to acces the workshop, you then need to sign in to your personal Delight account (click 'Sign in' on the top right via Then find your 'Bookings', select this workshop and click 'Watch': this way you'll be directed to the Zoomlink & the password that you need. 

Date / Time




03 October 2020, 10:00 - 13:00


Jenny Schoenmann

€ 45



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About Jenny Schoenmann

Jenny Schoenmann is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher and Soul-Based Coach. She teaches Astanga and Vinyasa Yoga, and also offers 1:1 Coaching sessions at Delight in Den Haag.

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