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Meditative Self Inquiry: Who am I?

With Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Meditative Self Inquiry “Who Am I.. really?” 

This class is dedicated to self discovery; remembering who you truly are. In a contemplative way we will pay attention to questions such as ‘Who/ what am I really?’, Am i merely my body, my ideas about myself, my personality, and my roles? Am I my body or do I have a body? Am I my personality or do I have a personality?

All that we tend to identify with - which we call ‘I’ or ‘me' - is forever changing, thought- and feeling related, and therefor not reliable for an unbroken sense of happiness and peace. But if we look carefully we are the one that witnesses those changes from an unchanging place.

"Know yourself to be the changeless witness of the changeful mind. That is enough. "
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

What is this so-called 'witness' that sees thoughts and feelings rising and passing? Let’s not just assume or accept any answer blindly from anyone but truly explore within and find out for ourselves! When we look inwards and question in a genuine way, we will see that the layers of limiting assumptions and convictions about ourselves and the world start to dissolve. When this happens a great space of peace is revealed. That what we timelessly are.

In a way what we essentially are is so here and now, so intimate, that we either don’t recognize it or do not really value it. It takes a shift of focus, or to come to full stop, to leave alone the conditioned thinking-mind that suggests there is always something wrong or missing and become aware of That which is timeless ever-present. This deepening class is an opportunity to recognize and spend time abiding in and as our peaceful selves that is one with all of life.

Besides meditative moments on our own and some supportive yogic- and breathing exercises, this will be an interactive class where we can share with each other, ask questions and become truly inspired. Rolandjan will also share simple tips and give pointers to support yourself being aware of your timelessness in the business of your day to day life. 

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14 April 2018, 14:00 - 16:30

Nieuwe Achtergracht

Rolandjan Van Mulligen



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