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Meeting the Mind: A 3-Day Program - Online


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This is a great opportunity to (un-)mind the Mind and dive within its infinite universe: a 3-day online program guided by Satya Katiza and Kevin Sahaj.


This program is a 3-day training where we will explore and investigate the Mind and different meditation techniques. The philosophical ground of practice will be based on non-dual practices, Buddhism, and Tantra.


The Meeting The Mind program is an invitation to open yourself fully and allow the mind to be seen, nude and un-guarded, so wisdom can dawn onto you. This is the greatest discovery in a human lifetime, where we can find ultimate freedom and trust. This is the Buddha-ness, the ground of everything.

What you will learn:

During this program, Satya and Sahaj will draw from several wisdom traditions to offer you 3 days of practices ranging from asana, pranayama, meditation, healing, Tantra to Buddhism, self-inquiry, and dharma.


This program will address the most subtle parts of yoga practices in a very practical and tangible way. We will investigate the Mind, following the basis of non-dual practices, Buddhism, and Tantra. We will take the foundation of mindfulness practice and go deeper into meditation techniques that will firmly establish you in your awareness and presence.


Deep-seated, often unconscious, emotional patterns and areas of unclarity in the mind will be illuminated and purified. Clearing the energy body’s chakras and pathways to open the mind will create the conditions for deeper self-inquiry.


Through the immersion in the teachings of these very gifted and experienced teachers, from the sacred space of your home, you will come out with a clearer understanding of yourself, your practice and your dharma - this program will open your heart and blow your mind.

Additional Information

This program is the ideal preparation for everyone interested in joining The Mind Retreat, a 10-day silent retreat guided by Satya & Sahaj, or former participants wishing to refresh the practices of The Mind Retreat, This 3-day online retreat can also be followed on a stand-alone basis. To use the 50% discount for The Mind Retreat participants, please email

Past Participants’ Experience regarding The Mind Retreat (Online - 10 days):

"In this retreat I was brought to my knees, first in cycles of fear and hope and then, through the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, in humble surrender. Lying with my forehead to the earth praying for liberation, through the teachings I realized the clarity to see that I am the one who will liberate myself through dissolution of the fixed idea of that very same I. This is the place, this is the practice, the time is now. The ability to teach with both loving nurture and clear sharpness inspires a courage to be with what is in a way I have never experienced before. I offer my ring and I stay. The deeply powerful, joyous and clear transmissions of Satya and Sahaj leave no room for fooling around. We’re here, Life has already started and NOW is the time to join the feast, fully and completely. I am beyond grateful, raw and feeling open, fresh and skylike, to meet the movements of life outside of the shala. Shamata meditation is a place and a practice that I take to heart and will bring with me forever to come." - Marie, January 2021

"The 10 days of the Mind Retreat have been a magical yet practical experience. It has brought a lot of bright & dark moments, and overall a sense of calm and peace. The greatest learning is that of presence… The silence was the greatest gift - as well as some of the realisations that came throughout the week. The online format helped to integrate all the teachings into daily life effortlessly. While the first week back into the wide world has been vulnerable, sometimes painful and beautiful too - I am committed to continued practice, by myself daily, and with you during the next phases of your teachings at Delight." - A., January 2021


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