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Mindfulness and Foundation of Buddhist Practice (50 Hours)

With Sandra van Nispen

In the Western world we have achieved a high level of material comfort. Yet in spite of this, many people still experience discontentment and pain. This is because much suffering is not caused on a material level, but on a mental and spiritual level. In order for human beings to be truly happy and fulfilled, they need material comfort and spiritual development, both outer and inner quality of life.One without the other is not sufficient. This reality has been confirmed by modern science (psychology, neuro-science, medical science).

This is what ancient Eastern yogi’s have known for thousands of years. They teach us that for true well-being we need to develop the qualities of our mind, such as tolerance, generosity, love, compassion, determination and wisdom. These teachings have been passed on to us by generations of accomplished yoga and meditation masters.

In the module Yoga & Mindfulness we will engage in an in-depth exploration of Yogic and Buddhist theory and practice, from a lineage of Indian and Tibetan masters. We will learn age-old proven methods that can help us to develop our inner qualities. We will come to understand that all our problems and suffering ultimately come from ignorance, our deluded and undisciplined mind. The way to liberate ourselves from suffering is by developing our mind, through practices such as mindfulness and other types of meditation that increase our wisdom and skilful means. These practices will cause us to experience more inner tranquillity, balance and strength. While these aims are good in themselves, they will form the basis for us to develop the capacity to serve all sentient beings with loving-kindness. Ultimately, to develop this capacity is what will make our lives truly meaningful, happy and joyful.

In this module you will learn to practice various forms of yoga and meditation: asana (hatha-yoga), pranayama, mindfulness and mantra, while deepening your understanding of the theory and philosophy of mind. You will learn how to set up your own daily practice and if you already have one, how to deepen it, with the insights acquired from the module.

By finding your own discipline, with a sense of freedom and joy in your daily practice, you will easily incorporate the insights from the module into your yoga practice and daily life, and develop your capacity as a yoga teacher.

Program outline:

  • Mind-Body relationship and difference
  • The unlimited potential of the mind (Buddha nature)
  • The Four Noble Truths (suffering; its causes; its cessation; the path)
  • The Four thoughts that turn the mind towards the Dharma (the Precious Human Rebirth, Impermanence, Cyclic existence, Karma / the law of cause and effect)
  • The three higher trainings of the mind: Ethics, Concentration and Wisdom
  • The ultimate nature of the mind and phenomena (Wisdom/Insight/Vipasyana)
  • Integration of Buddhist theory and yoga practice in daily life
  • Every day will start with a 2 hour hatha-yoga class with meditation. The rest of the day will cover the teachings of yoga philosophy, meditation, reflection, mantra, leaving space at the end of each weekend for questions & answers.

Extra hours

you will be asked to have a daily session (6x a week) of yoga and meditation, with at least 30 min of meditation.
As part of this program you will learn how to establish and develop your practice. Regular reading will also be highly recommended (approx. 1 hour a week).


While you don’t need to have a regular yoga or meditation practice to join this immersion, you will benefit most from this program if you already have some experience with Yoga (at least 6 months of general yoga classes, any style) and meditation.

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01 April 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

02 April 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

22 April 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

23 April 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

27 May 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

28 May 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

09 July 2017, 09:30 - 18:00


Sandra van Nispen

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About Sandra van Nispen

In her search for meaning and understanding, Sandra Tideman – van Nispen MA studied intensively the Eastern wisdom traditions and Western psychology, to arrive at an integrated whole which she has been practicing and teaching for many years now.