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Motherheart Ceremony for mothers and children

With Lisanne Lambert Stoop, Nadia Scherpenhuijzen & Wendy Symons

Winter Solstice signifies the rebirth of the Sun, slowly moving from the longest nights towards the longest summer days again. A time to reflect on the past and welcome the new. Simultaneously, the holiday season is known for warm gatherings with family and friends.  Since we are true believers in the importance of self-care and tuning in to that which truly matters, we think this is the perfect time to reflect on the old and welcome the new. We want to celebrate this transition into the new year with a lovely ceremony for mothers and their children, as a way to invite them into “our world”.

From movement to mantra’s, loving blessings and activities, Lisanne and Nadia have collaborated a beautiful ceremony that both mothers and children will enjoy.

During this Motherheart Ceremony, you will be able to deepen the connection with your little one while also connecting holistically with other mothers.

Together we will be closing 2019 and embracing 2020. And while you close the year as we embark on the new year and all its potential, Family & Lifestyle photographer Wendy has offered to capture these moments so that you will have keepsakes to remind you of this beautiful ceremony.

What can you expect:

- We will come home into a safe & sacred space
- We will experience spiritual & holistic practices such as mantra’s & movement
- We will enjoy small snacks and sacred cacao (including a gentle blend for the little ones)
- We will celebrate & bless motherhood
- You will create and take home with you, a beautiful, jointly collaborated gift
- You will receive personal and honest pictures of you and your little one
- You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded mothers

As part of our ceremony, we would love for you to bring in something that is of meaning to you that deserves a spot on the altar we will be creating together.

If you are coming with young kids make sure to come with a carrier since we have lots of stairs and not enough space to stall your strollers at the studio.

This is an intimate gathering for mothers and their kids. Note that we have limited spots available as we come with our little ones and realize that these wonderful practices together with kids can be messy. Raw but fun, just like motherhood and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Date / Time




21 December 2019, 14:00 - 16:00


Lisanne Lambert Stoop, Nadia Scherpenhuijzen & Wendy Symons

€ 35



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