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Motherheart Circle: Our mothers, our births, our babies


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In this Motherheart Circle, we will look at our own life from conception to birth, early childhood, and the relationship we have with our parents today and explore how this is influencing our lives as mothers (to be) today.

What do we actually know about our mothers' pregnancy? How was she feeling when I was in her belly. Was I planned, welcomed with love and trust. Or was I a big surprise and was my mother stressed and scared? How was the relationship she had with my father? How was the birth? The first year with me as a baby? How do we look back on our childhood and adolescent years and how is the relationship with our parents now?

The way we are conceived, delivered and bond with our parents in the very first years of our lives have a great impact on our sense of safety, self-worth, and our ability to connect to others (including our own children) later on in life. The connection with our family members forms a very important base for how we feel and act as a person today. Many patterns that are not serving us, that we try to get rid of, but somehow always seem to come back, are related to the way we were welcomed into the womb and into the world.

If your own birth was a traumatic experience, this will most likely, influence your own feelings towards giving birth, especially with your firstborn. If your mother had a hard time bonding with you in the first couple of years, this will leave an imprint and might make it hard for you to connect to your child. Exploring and understanding our own history will help us to prepare for motherhood and understand ourselves and our children. By simply bringing whatever wants to be seen into the light of our awareness, healing occurs.

Through systemic and family constellation work these hidden or unconscious dynamics and patterns can be brought to the surface. By bringing these underlying family bonds and imprints into our awareness, we can change our inner attitude towards our self, family members and the issues we are working with. By doing so we can allow ourselves to break free from these destructive patterns, in order to live a happier and healthier life in true connection with ourselves, our babies, and our partners.

What can you expect?

  • We will come together in a safe, loving space
  • We will create a ‘home’ within and amongst ourselves
  • We will enjoy nourishing practices through meditation, inquiry, and sharing
  • We will provide practices for self-reflection and inquiry to discover our deep-rooted beliefs and patterns, and where they come from
  • We will give you practices and suggestions that can be easily integrated into the raw messiness of motherhood
  • We will be honouring and blessing our parents, ancestors, and babies
  • We will share, listen, and explore together
  • And mostly: we will go home feeling loved, connected, and whole


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