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Motherheart Circle: Trust and peace during pregnancy

With Asha Hossain & Hanneke Peeters

Pregnancy is when the most rapid changes occur in a woman’s life. Within 9 months, your body goes through immense changes and the world as you knew it, changes along with it. Physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically, everything changes in a whirlwind. Regardless of whether you are a first-time mother or if you’ve gone through these changes before, it is quite hard to have trust and peace with the process as you desperately search for the feeling of ‘home’ amongst it all.  Only to realize that all these changes that you are going through, are actually preparing you for the most beautiful season to come.

This Motherheart Circle is a dedication and celebration of honouring pregnancy. A time where we will let go of our fears, expectations, and distractions and tap into our strength, support and gain clarity. This is your time to relax and welcome this brand new miracle into your life. Because coming ‘home’ in times of change, has never felt this good. 

What can you expect?

- We will come home into a safe & sacred circle
- You will be guided to feeling at peace & maintaining trust throughout your pregnancy 
- We will use the magic of sound, crystals and essential oils
- There will be plenty of space to share and connect
- You will go home with several self-care tips that you can integrate throughout pregnancy and motherhood

These circles are healing and empowering. Meeting and sharing with like-minded women on their journey through life and motherhood. Just come and be yourself while we guide you through practices, share stories, and simply being.  

Hanneke is self-care expert, mother of 2 and founder of Rock Your World &  Asha is a (prenatal) yoga teacher, currently expecting her 2ndchild and founder of Motherheart. Together, these two women will guide you through a safe and loving journey of coming home.

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01 November 2019, 19:30 - 21:30


Asha Hossain & Hanneke Peeters

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