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Mystic Rose

With Arno Nistal Ten Veen & Ilanit de Wilde

Join Arno and Ilanit in this modern version of the Osho Mystic Rose, a workshop in which you will playfully journey through your emotions, from laughter to crying and back to laughter again.


Integration of the experience - which is the transformation from resistance to gratefulness and celebration - comes through soft and gentle breathing and the sound of live singing bowls. A state of deep stillness and meditation will come naturally and inevitably.


A mystical experience of deep silence will flower and bloom within you, like a Mystic Rose, spreading its fragrance unconditionally, in all directions.

What you will learn:

This workshop is sectioned in several themes related to Mystic Rose which we will explore:



Through our upbringing, through society and culture, we are so conditioned not to be ourselves, to behave as expected, to behave as we should, to listen to others (parents, teachers, employers etc.) instead of listening to our inner voices. We have learned to repress our own inner truths and our emotional expressions. The Mystic Rose will help you to break through those conditionings.



With laughter, you will break the conditioning of the mind and ego to be serious. Osho said that seriousness is the biggest dis-ease of mankind. Time to laugh without any reason! Laughter will release huge amounts of frozen life force that were stuck in your body and mind. Joy, zest for life, inner peace, it will all come shining forth.



Crying is even more repressed then laughing. We are told (especially as men) that crying is weak. But tears will clean your eyes, soften your heart, and open your breath.


Inner Silence

Silence will come naturally after the first two stages of laughter and crying. We will use gentle connected breathing and the sounds of live singing bowls to deepen your inner silence.

About Arno and Ilanit

Arno has 30 years of experience in the field of personal growth, breathwork, meditation, and yoga. He has met many masters, shamans, and teachers, and since 1991, Osho has been his Guru. Ilanit grew up as a young child in several Osho communes. She was always surrounded by spirituality and meditation.


Arno & llanit fell in love in 2020 and share a passion for supporting and coaching people in their spiritual growth processes.


We joined forces to offer a series of three workshops: Light Body Activation, Mystic Rose and Kundalini Rising. We share the same passions in life and also share the same Guru: Osho! We love sharing our love, experience and qualities with you and are looking forward to meeting you.  - Arno &  Ilanit


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Date / Time




27 November 2021, 14:00 - 17:00

Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Arno Nistal Ten Veen & Ilanit de Wilde

€ 40



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About Arno Nistal Ten Veen & Ilanit de Wilde

Arno Nistal ten Veen: Arno began with meditation and self-healing at the age of 16. By the age of 23 he was fully on the path of personal growth and spirituality. He has trained in Rebirthing, Massage and Meditation and has studied for 17 years with his spiritual guide Osho.

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