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Open your Heart : Backbend Workshop


The key to feeling healthy is sound functioning of the nervous system, since it is the nervous system that is responsible for all functions of the body including healing. It is therefore important to maintain a balance of strength and flexibility at the back of the body in the spine, where the spinal cord is housed. Backbends are a great group of asanas to improve spinal health and alignment. They counteract the tendency to collapse the chest and strengthen the muscles of the spine and the shoulders. They help align and create space. Backbend are challenging, both physically and emotionally.

In this workshop you will find out what backbends can do for you on an emotional and physical level. We go through some fundamental alignment principles and  techniques to increase mobility and keep you safe and strong in backbends. After warming up and preparing the body we will explore many different backbends in a fun and playful way. You will discover how backbending, when done properly, can give you the confidence you need to truly open your heart. It takes both strength as well as a willingness to feel vulnerable to be open.

This workshop is recommended students with some basic yoga experience.  All postures will be available in both gentle variations as well as deeper versions to suit individual needs and abilities. Limited spots available to ensure a great learning experience.


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