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Pelvic Power & Juicy Core


Workshop for women

The pelvis is in many ways the foundation in your body; the shape and position of your pelvis determines the shape of your spine.  It holds your organs of elimination, your reproductive organs and the psoas muscle runs through your pelvis. It is the home of your first two chakras, which are the psycho-spiritual markers in your body that are linked to your feelings of grounding, safety, relaxation, creativity and delight. You also draw much of your personal strength and wisdom from this space. When this bowl shaped structure and its content are healthy, it affects your overall sense of stability, connectivity, well being and health.


Beautiful Core

In this workshop, you will explore the muscles and bones of your pelvis and pelvic energy through breath work, movement and yoga. You will both learn what your body needs in terms of core stability or openness, learn to feel and move your body from this core, both in your yoga poses and off your yoga mat. You will learn to feel your true core and learn to relax your body from this space, tap into the power of your pelvis so you can live from your inner wisdom and power.

Workshop content:

  • A little (anatomical) knowledge to help give insight into the power of your pelvis
  • Yoga practice with movement, alignment and core work
  • Body Based Mediation and breath work
  • Delicious relaxation

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