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Pranic Healing Training - Level 3

With Deborah Quibell

Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning “life-force” – the vital energy that keeps us alive and maintains a state of good health.

Pranic Healing is a comprehensive system of energetic medicine, with a structured and specific approach. It is a no-touch methodology that focuses on the application of pranic energy to prevent and alleviate physical and psychological imbalance and disease.

Master Hector and his wife, Deborah Quibell are dedicated to spread the teachings of healing and meditation. They will share their wisdom and offer Pranic Healing Trainings within Delight Yoga both in Amsterdam & Den Haag.

  • Level 1 March 25-26, 2017
  • Level 1 June 17-18, 2017
  • Level 2 October 14-15, 2017
  • Level 3 October 28-29, 2017

In this training, you will gain extensive knowledge about the energetic body and the specific functions of the chakras (or energy centers). You will learn foundational and advanced techniques of scanning (identifying areas of energetic imbalance); cleansing (removing unhealthy or diseased energy from the body); and energizing (providing pranic energy to catalyze the body’s innate ability to heal).

Additionally, you will learn techniques of self-healing, meditation, how to cleanse spaces energetically, and how to protect yourself from negative energies in your environment. You will be empowered to take your health into your own hands, and work consciously with prana as a powerful tool to maintain vitality and well-being. This training is for everyone.

It is designed to expand the way we view wellness and healing in today’s world and impart a system of techniques to assist in the development of energetic awareness, sensitivity, and knowledge.

These courses are systematic, easy to understand and apply, immensely informative, practical, and empowering. People from all walks of life have benefited from these courses—not just those interested in developing a therapeutic or healing practice through the application of energetic principles.

They are highly experiential courses that will leave you with confidence and skills to produce consistent results, with yourself and others.

Level 1 program outline

In level 1 course, you will learn about prana (life-force and chi energy) and how it is utilized for healing. You will understand the energetic anatomy of the body, and learn the foundational principles and techniques of the practice.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Energetic anatomy and the function of the major energetic centers (chakras);
  • Energetic diagnostics or scanning – a technique to identify areas of energetic congestion and depletion;
  • Energetic Cleansing—techniques to remove congested or diseased energy from the body, organs and chakras;
  • Energizing—safe ways to transfer prana to areas that need healing;
  • Ways to protect yourself energetically, prevent energetic drainage and contamination;
  • Experience the energetic benefits of breath-work and meditation;
  • Divine Healing—using prayer and invocation for healing yourself and others;
  • Distance Healing—understand the principles it is based upon and how to do it;
  • Self-Healing—ways to manage your own energetic health and prevent / alleviate ailments.

All levels are welcome.

Level 2 program outline

In this course, you will take your knowledge and skills of healing deeper by learning advanced techniques of scanning, cleansing, and energizing. This course introduces you to precision healing using specific colors for specific purposes. Utilizing color prana produces rapid acceleration of the healing process for severe and difficult cases.

Some of what you will learn:

  • Color Prana—principles and guidelines in the use of color prana and how to generate them for healing;
  • To understand the healing properties of each color and when they are used;
  • Advanced scanning techniques—understand the activation and healthy size of the major and minor chakras;
  • Advanced energizing techniques for the rapid healing of specific ailments;
  • Color prana combinations for various medical conditions;
  • An in-depth understanding of the chakras as they correspond to the systems of the body;
  • Advanced protocols for more serious or chronic conditions such as asthma, emphysema, arthritis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke, tumors and cancer;
  • Preventative healing – guidelines and techniques for yourself and others;
  • Verbal and visual instructive healing techniques;
  • Meditation on Twin Hearts with Self Healing.

To join level 2 you have to have completed Pranic Healing Training Level 1

Level 3 program outline

Pranic Psychotherapy focuses on understanding, preventing and alleviating psychological ailments and emotional/mental imbalances (such as stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, addiction, phobias, etc) from an energetic perspective.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The psychological functions of the major chakras;
  • Chakral assessment or scanning for negative thoughts, beliefs, elementals and traumas;
  • Disintegration and extraction of negative or unhealthy thoughts and patterns;
  • Energizing techniques for emotional and psychological healing;
  • Activation and inhibition of chakras to help maintain emotional balance;
  • Application of techniques for irritability, stress, anxiety, grief and hysteria;
  • Specialized techniques to assist the healing of more complex emotional conditions – such as depression, addiction, and trauma;
  • Energetic shielding techniques to ensure sustained improvement and to minimize contamination from others and your environment;
  • Transmutation of sex energy for enhanced development of the upper chakras;
  • Emotional healing facilitated by prayer and meditation – Meditation on Twin Hearts for Psychological Healing.

To join level 3 you have to have completed Pranic Healing Training Level 1 and 2. 


If you join all 3 levels of this training, we give a discount of €160,-. You pay a total of €995,- instead of €1155,-.
Certificates are issued for each level of the class.

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28 October 2017, 09:00 - 18:00


Deborah Quibell

29 October 2017, 09:00 - 18:00


Deborah Quibell

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About Deborah Quibell

Often called a wandering seeker, Deborah came into yoga after immersing herself for years in the study of prana and the subtle body (with the founder of Pranic Healing). She is trained at the 500-hour level, and founded her own studio in Atlanta, GA in 2011, which she sold upon relocating to Europe.