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Preparing for Birth : Partner Workshop


Each labor and birth is unique. Birthlight Birth Preparation supports women’s centering and resilience so that they can remain at one with their birth experience, however it unfolds. Partners learn how to support the birthing mother with touch, sound, massage, affirmations, and more. You will about learn breathing techniques for labor and birthing baby, relaxation techniques, coping practices.


''We got a lot of practical tips and learned about positions encouraging partner involvement. It felt really complete; very helpful, clear, practical and really helps partner!''

''We gained understanding and practical tips how to cope. The whole workshop was very useful; knowledge about the process as well as the practical tips like breathing and positions. Very compact workshop!''

''We wanted to learn about relaxed birth and we did! Wish you could be my doula!'' 


Further elements of the workshop:

  • Childbirth basics: the basic anatomy and physiology of the 4 stages of labor
  • The hormones of labor and birth and the importance of releasing fear and anxiety
  • The elements of birth preparation using Birthlight Yoga adaptations including both principles and practical resources for each stage of labor
  • Birthing 'light' with yoga, aiming for the most easeful birth possible for mother and baby
  • Birthing positions
  • Finding preferred 'open position', supported birthing positions with partners. Alternative birth positions on hospital beds.
  • Transforming fear into calm power in the transition to motherhood, using yoga resources to tap into the inner body wisdom accessible to all women at this time


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