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Restorative and Scoliosis Weekend Workshops

With Adelene Cheong

Join Adelene Cheong during these three days of Restorative and Scoliosis Weekend Workshops. Friday evening starts with a Relax & Restore Stillness Practice-based Class, followed by a one-day Yoga for Scoliosis workshop on Saturday and on Sunday Adelene shares the science and art behind relaxation.  


Relax Restore Stillness Practice-based Class - Friday evening

This practice-based class offers Restorative Yoga to support rest and healing, with time for stillness and reflection. Time for self-care, rejuvenation and nourishment at a physical, emotional and mental level. Adelene is a leading teacher and trainer in Restorative Yoga and Meditation based in the UK. Join her for an evening of exploring intimacy with self.



Yoga for Scoliosis: An Introductory Day - Saturday

Can yoga improve the condition of scoliosis? How does one practice yoga with scoliosis? Does it help, and yield sustainable long term results? What about the frustration, depletion, self-consciousness, and disharmony that one can experience?


As someone with scoliosis, these were some of the questions Adelene had. This introductory workshop is open to students, teachers and practitioners alike, to demonstrate and offer a tested approach in practising and living with scoliosis. 


With open discussions held within a safe sharing environment, Adelene will share her journey and experience. We will learn and understand how to practice with scoliosis, and explore how the therapeutic effects of yoga can be applied specifically to structural/functional imbalances. This non-invasive approach to the condition could potentially: help to alleviate physical discomfort; re-map postural alignment; re-establish and refine balance, and release emotional and psychological tension brought about by living with scoliosis. 



This 1-day workshop offers:

  • Insights into the spinal health of those with scoliosis
  • Time to develop sensory intelligence and acumen 
  • Modified practices to improve the symptoms of scoliosis
  • Space to build confidence in managing and practising with scoliosis
  • Restorative postures to balance and rejuvenate
  • An opportunity to learn healthy daily posture for optimal support


Through years of training, research, teaching, self-study and dedicated practice, Adelene has successfully helped herself and many others reclaim freedom (physically, emotionally and mentally), hope and empowerment within themselves. Join Adelene on this day workshop to understand it, to experience it, to share it!



Restorative Yoga: The Art + Science of Rest + Relaxation - Sunday

On this day workshop, Adelene will share the science and art of Relaxation. Relaxation is a skill, and we know that a skill can be learned and refined. As Relaxation is a precursor to Rest, therefore understanding the craft and technique of Relaxation may potentially improve one’s quality for Rest.


Rest is an expression of love to oneself, an opportunity to rekindle a deep connection with one’s inner being, at a physical, emotional and mental level.


This 1-day workshop offers an opportunity to learn about and experience:

  • The physiology of relaxation
  • Two Restorative yoga sequences
  • Active release through movement and stillness
  • Reflection and integration


Adelene invites you to explore Rest as a practical experience. This will be a deeply nourishing and profound experience, so be prepared to leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and inspired.



Date / Time




25 January 2020, 10:00 - 16:45


Adelene Cheong

€ 80


26 January 2020, 10:00 - 16:45


Adelene Cheong

€ 80



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About Adelene Cheong

Adelene Cheong is a practitioner, a student, a teacher and trainer of yoga. Adelene feels blessed to be on this journey with many who seek love, peace and truth. Through yoga, Adelene reconnects to being truly integrated in life and all it has to offer. For over a decade, she has been an apprentice to Judith H. Lasater and Donna Farhi, whom she continues to study and assist today.

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