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Restore Your System


Restorative Yoga Weekend

Sanne and Eveline offer you the subtle and stimulating energy of Vijnana Yoga and the healing power of Restorative (Therapeutic) Yoga.

Restorative, or Therapeutic, Yoga helps to reduce stress, improve your body posture and build up strength and stamina. It aims to correct unbalances caused by stress and upsetting life events. Restoratice (Therapeutic) Yoga is a gift to offer yourself - it stimulates your body's energy, and makes you feel fresh and restored!

Restore and Refresh

In this weekend you will learn techniques to restore and refresh. On Saturday we focus on the lower back and pelvic area. Sunday's session is about the upper back, neck and shoulders. These workshops are for all levels. 


Saturday: focus on the lower back and pelvic area.
In daily life we tend to move our lower back and pelvic area very little, as we spend most of our time sitting behind a computer. This may cause pain and energy blocks. 

In this workshop you will learn techniques to restore the natural flexibility of the pelvic area and lower back. Using the breath, we create space in the body so that energy can start moving freely again. As the body relaxes, you can concentrate on improving your body posture and strengthen your back and pelvic area. Intestines, stomach and gallbladder are positively affected at the same time. The body detoxes and you will feel energetic and ready for Sunday's practice.

Sunday: focus on upper back, neck and shoulders.
Upper back, neck and shoulders suffer when we work behind computers. These body parts tend to feel stiff and uncomfortable.
In this workshop you will learn how to relax shoulders and upper back through breathing exercises followed by a series of asanas that are especially beneficial for the upper body. We finish with shoulder stand variations. You will feel your heart opening and the free flow of energy as you build up strength and find your best body posture to apply in daily life.

Leave fully restored! This workshop is a gift you can offer yourself. You will leave feeling courageous and clear, having found the perfect balance between relaxation, vital energy and strength.


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