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Sacred Song Workshop

With Jennifer Ann & Ayla Schafer

Liberation of the true voice with the help of Sacred Cacao

This workshop is held as a ceremonial journey deep into the magic and power of our voice to awaken the expression of our souls song. In Prayer & with the help of a Sacred Cacao Elixir we will open the space for us to dive deep into this healing journey.

This space will create an opportunity for a deep discovery and opening of our voice that is born from the connection with our heart, each other and ancient sacred ways. Together we will remember how to use song and prayer as tribal people have done for millennia, to connect and speak with the spirit of life, to celebrate, to pray and to give flight to our intentions and dreams.

Sound is the essence of our creation. With the power of our mind (thoughts) we create our universe. To truly sing is a journey of remembering, getting out of the way and trusting in ourselves as we surrender to the spirit of sound in us.

We are free, mindful creators. The voice is one of the most powerful tools to express and in this workshop you will be guided back to your own true voice.

What we will learn:

- We will dive into the natural connection with our body.
- We will reconnect with our inner beings and release it into the world for it to be heard through our true voice.
- We will liberate our voice, through different exercises and learn how to use the voice as a tools for healing, communication and free expression.
-We will learn indigenous chants played with drum and rattle along with other accapella medicine songs; working with the guidance of the healing medicine and teachings from these ancient lineages.
-We will learn traditional tribal songs and play with drum/rattle, vocal channeling, explore harmonies and improvisation, combined with rituals that enable us to ignite our authentic inner connection to the song within our own being.

Which techniques will we use:

 - Cacao & Prayer: Together we will create a safe ceremonial container, so we can feel support to dive as deep as we would like.
- Bodywork: Simple yoga asana’s and stretches, suitable for all levels. To open the upper body and lungs to full capacity.
- Breathwork: To breath more fully and activate the lungs and breath.
- Voice exercises: To activate diaphragm and become more conscious of how to use the voice.
- Games: Yes! Games and improvisations in a fun way we will explore ways to get out of
the head and into the body.
- Song(s): We will at least learn one song together, as described above.
This workshop is beneficial for singers on all stages of the journey, from very beginner to advanced.

Please bring with you:

- Something comfortable to sit on
- Comfortable clothing
- A drum and/or rattle
- Pen and paper
- A stone, a flower and a feather.
- Something to place on the altar if you feel (this will be returned) 
- An open heart

Date / Time




28 January 2018, 13:00 - 17:00


Jennifer Ann & Ayla Schafer



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