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Satsang & Poetry

With Lisa Schumacher

Poetry has been the medium with which Lisa has explored the mysteries of life, love and nature ever since she was a child. In the sacred space of gathering to discover our True Nature, we can have Satsang together and deepen in our surrender to the Living Truth. Lisa's devotion is a powerful transmission of this, and her invitation is an opportunity to give yourself fully to what is ever present and still in the Heart of your heart. 

Read more about Lisa, see her blog, Satsang schedule and video clips on her website:

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01 October 2017, 14:00 - 17:00

De Clercqstraat

Lisa Schumacher



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About Lisa Schumacher

Lisa met Gangaji over 20 years ago and fell deeply into the fire of Love and Self Recognition. At the feet of her master she awakened to the Truth of Living Love as who One IS and after many years of devoted service was told by Gangaji to share her realization with others in Satsang.