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Satsang with Ganga Mira

With Ganga Mira

Your Real Nature is already shining, do not doubt about it!


Ganga met her Master Sri HWL Poonjaji (Papaji) in 1968 in India and gives satsang all over the world since many years. The satsang consists of questions and Ganga's answers. Satsang (Sat: reality, sang: association with, abiding in) is an investigation into the nature of the Self, who we really are. It reminds to go back to where everything rises.

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27 October 2017, 18:15 - 20:00


Ganga Mira



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About Ganga Mira

Geneviève De Coux was born in 1947 in Namur, Belgium during her parents’ holidays. The family lived in the Belgian Congo. Geneviève and her brother enjoyed an idyllic childhood until 1960, the year of the Congo’s independence. The family emigrated to Belgium. Their paradise was lost.