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Sensation and Consciousness: Original Body Workshop

With John Stirk

We're very happy and honoured to invite John Stirk to Delight Yoga for the first time.  

We study the body but cannot help but be students of the mind. As we work with the finer elements of sensation, the mind is ever-present rarely if ever-switching itself off. How can we engage this continuum of activity to enhance insight and understanding? The body houses consciousness, minds, and selves and maybe approached accordingly.  Each sensory nuance and realization has a psychological and emotional counterpart. The unitive experience provides the essence of yoga. We cannot divide the indivisible.

This workshop is a condensation of John’s book The Original Bodyand reflects the scope of his What lies Beneath ' Courses. This practical workshop will include discussion on the physiological, psychological and emotional insight that arises as we work together.

We will use the following as an open guide:

  • The Group field - the Physiology and Psychology of groups
  • The Approach most suited for addressing the conditioned ego
  • Consciousness in Western Terms - Dynamic Consciousness
  • Sensation and Heightened Consciousness - The Skin - The presence of the Heart
  • The Nature of Attention
  • Emotion insight and Wisdom
  • Process, what comes up in group work?
  • Dividing the Indivisible
  • Materiality and Non-materiality and the nature of experience 
  • The Body as the Mind

Date / Time




13 June 2020, 10:00 - 17:00


John Stirk

€ 90


14 June 2020, 10:00 - 17:00


John Stirk

€ 90


This workshop is also available as a full course, total price:

€ 165



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About John Stirk

John Stirk is one of the UK’s leading Yoga teachers. With a background in Osteopathy, his influences include R.D.Laing, J Krishnamurti and BKS Iyengar. He has followed with interest, the innovative approaches to body-mind work coming out of the USA and Northern Europe for almost a century.

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